Hartwell healing

The aim of Hartwell is to help people to heal, regain their balance and find a true purpose that puts them in harmony with all our relations: the stone, plant and animal beings with whom we share this planet; and to help them find a deep sense of belonging on this earth, our home.   

From the distant past and across boundaries of culture comes a rich and authentic mosaic of shamanic teachings offering a powerful means of personal and spiritual development.  In the last decades, much has been developed in the field of psychology.  Allowing these two strands to feed one another creates a powerful means of personal and spiritual development.  To this end we associate with others to offer a wide programme for adults and teenagers.  We offer ceremony and earth based spiritual teachings and we step into the new world of ecopsychology with a groundbreaking training.

We offer rites of passage in their many forms for all including Vision Quest, Marriages and Baby Namings.

We offer days and weekends, some mixed, some just for women, giving us a safe space to explore the true feminine.

Through wilderness training, music, story and ceremony, we support teenagers to remember their true place on this earth.

We seek to broaden the base of psychotherapy: helping the emotionally wounded to find their way back to their true home, the earth itself.